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About Christian Covers

Christian Covers(TM) is a company that has one goal: to create and produce Christian based covers to help you Show your faith!

What started as an idea I had after I got home from church and wanted to have a cell phone cover that not only was a witness to those who saw it, but was also a reminder to me of who God is was how it started. It is important that a minimum of $1 of every cover sold goes back to local churches or non profits and to date several hundred dollars has been given back to grow God’s kingdom.
We custom design every cover and make cell phone covers for IPhone’s, Blackberry’s and Androids. We also manufacture and create ITouch covers, IPad and other tablet covers as well.

Our mission

To make quality, original products that give glory to God and remember that Jesus is the only one worth putting our faith in.
  • a division of Risen Kingdom, Inc.

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